About Us

South Shore Trinity Lutheran Preschool began in 1948. The year 2024 marks our 76th year of providing a faith-based preschool program in our community. It is our goal to serve God by providing quality early childhood education in a faith-based learning environment. We believe the early years in your child’s life need to have a strong foundation for their future. This is what we strive to accomplish at South Shore Trinity.

Teacher Ratio
Our classes are limited to 20 students per session. We have a staff of three teachers which is about a 1:7 ratio. For comparison, the state of Minnesota law calls for a ratio of 1:10.

Our Goal
At South Shore Trinity Lutheran Preschool, we offer a developmentally appropriate environment that fosters spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. We strive to provide experiences that broaden the child’s horizons and enhance their ability to think, reason and communicate clearly. Children will grow in their self-confidence and will develop a love for learning and a desire to explore the world around them.

Spiritual – Children are considered a special and unique creation of God. Children will become familiar with Jesus as Savior and live in relationships of love and forgiveness.

Social – Children thrive in an atmosphere that encourages positive communication and models appropriate interactions. We offer small and large group experiences that allow children to practice social and communication skills and behavior with friends.

Emotional – Children experience success and gain confidence as they learn about themselves and acquire new skills. We foster emotional development in a supportive atmosphere, providing individual choices and responsibility.

Cognitive – Children are challenged to experiment, observe, ask questions and problem solve through hands on learning. Activities and projects are meaningful to the child’s world and intentional in their teaching.

Physical – Children are offered the opportunity for both fine motor and gross motor development and coordination. This is achieved through experiences in art, writing, manipulatives, active games and movement activities. Nutritious snacks are encouraged to promote healthy, life-long habits.

We Offer
A quality early childhood education is offered in a loving, nurturing, faith-based environment.

We accomplish this by teaching based on the “Center Approach”, i.e., covering themes children are interested in. In this process we use developmentally appropriate activities to foster (grow) the whole child. See “Our Goal” for more detail.

Our students will encounter Jesus daily and will learn of His love for them. They will grow in their ability to love one another while learning to show that love in their daily interactions. Our teachers help the students interact with each other – helping them to share and take turns. Positive language is used with the children – acknowledging when they are doing something well.

In addition, the student will develop through hands on learning experiences. Throughout learning environments, children have the opportunity to develop abilities and interests through interaction and experimentation. They will do this through the use of the following Centers:

  • Writing
  • Science
  • Art
  • Sensory
  • Manipulative
  • Faith
  • Library
  • Dramatic Play
  • Blocks

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